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What age can my child start taking lessons?

It depends on the student!  Having some reading skills is very helpful for both piano and singing lessons as well as the ability to stay focused on a task for several minutes at a time.   Between 7-10 is often a great time to start, and at any age following! 

How much do lessons cost?

  • Initial trial lesson: 30-min: $35 / 45 min: $45 / 60-min: $60

  • 6-lesson Intro Package:  For students who aren't quite ready to commit to long term weekly lessons, try 6 weeks to see if it feels like the right fit.  30-min: $210 / 45-min: $270 / 60-min: $260

  • Reserved Weekly Lessons: Tuition is spread equally between the number of months in the term. 

How often should my student practice?

For young kids, aim for 15 minutes a day.  Upper elementary students: 20-30; Middle-School students: 30-45; High-school students: 45-60 min.  The goal is to build habits of consistency and enjoyment, so aim for shorter daily practice sessions at least 5 days per week rather than cramming for one long session the day before the lesson.  Parents are a big part of helping make this happen!  Please support your student by helping carve out regular practice time as a part of their routine.   Students will need your encouragement and support to succeed in regular practice in order to grow to their full potential.  

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