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Private Lessons

Lessons are a partnership between you and me!   You bring your curiosity, enthusiasm and drive to learn, and we work together systematically to help you rise to the next level.   We get curious about the process so that learning is fun, motivating, and the right amount of challenge.

Comprehensive voice and piano lessons for kids (7-12) and teens (13-18) 
Children Singing in a Choir

All Experience Levels Welcome

Piano Lesson

Beginning to Late-Intermediate

Private Voice Lessons

Music Literacy: Gain strong musical skills with studies in rhythm, ear training, music theory, sight singing and basic piano skills. 


Vocal Technique: Build balanced vocal technique through exercises and repertoire which center around classical and musical theater styles with exploration in folk, jazz and contemporary styles. 


Performance & Artistry: Develop stage skills to perform with confidence and engage your audience with expressive storytelling.  Practice these skills in regular studio, festival and competition performance opportunities. 

Private Piano Lessons

Music Reading: Lessons include a strong foundation in note-reading using piano method books and supplemental repertoire.

Technique: Build strength, dexterity and coordination through foundational exercises such as scales and arpeggios. 

Theory: Master the nuts and bolts of music and how they relate to the keyboard. 

Performance & Artistry: Develop your musical artistry and learn to  perform with confidence in regular studio and festival performance opportunities.  

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